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About Tint SoCal

Welcome to Tint SoCal, your premier source for professional window tinting services across Southern California. Since our inception in 2016, we have committed ourselves to excellence in every aspect of our work. Originally founded as a family-owned remodeling and construction business, we quickly identified a niche need and pivoted to specialize in window tinting solutions.

Our Specialties

At Tint SoCal, we pride ourselves on our swift responses, professional installation teams, and unbeatable prices. From your first free estimate to the timely installation using the highest quality materials, we ensure a seamless experience. All our services come with a robust warranty because we stand behind the quality of our work. Our extensive range of services covers commercial, residential, and mobile auto tinting, along with innovative smart film options. We’re highly recommended by our clients, a testament to our dedication and workmanship.

Meet Our Business Owner, Fatima M.

Leading the charge at Tint SoCal is our esteemed owner, Fatima M., who holds a PhD in architecture. Fatima’s architectural expertise is not just a professional credential but the foundation of our business philosophy. Her deep understanding of the interplay between light and privacy has uniquely positioned Tint SoCal to blend innovative design with practical functionality. Fatima’s vision has propelled us to redefine the creation of spaces that are not only functional but also enhance aesthetic appeal.

Our Journey

Over the years, Tint SoCal has grown from a small family business into a leading provider of sophisticated tinting solutions. Our focus on staying ahead of industry advancements while adapting to the diverse needs of our clientele has allowed us to build a strong reputation across Southern California. We are constantly expanding our services to include the latest in window tinting technology, ensuring that our customers receive the most advanced solutions available.

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